Our organization originated in April 2002 as an outgrowth of the Czech Language and
Culture classes. Marian Topic taught these classes in the New Prague community. Since that time, the group has grown from a social club, to an organization involved in its community.

Following is an archive of some of meeting topics or demonstrations we have had during one of our monthly meetings.


2023 Meetings

 Saturday February 18th -
Czech card game Darda

 March 21st
Fred Simon talks about the Bohemian Triangle

 April - Annual Meeting
Speaker was Dave Stepan from SOKOL
who spent three months in Czech in 2022

May - We had booths at various events:
Masopust Festival - Montgomery

Raising the May Pole


 June - Ghost tales and stories of Prague
Doris Coghill

 July/August - We had booths at various local events
No regular meetings

Lonsdale Community Days - Saturday August 12th - 10-5 - Downtown Lonsdale - We will have Kolacky and other items for sale
Le Sueur County Fair - Saturday, August 19 - LeCenter, MN

 July - Faribault International Festival

  July - Faribault International Festival
                    Kolacky Days 2023 - Geneology and Sales booth                              Czech Out New Prague 2023

2022 Christmas Celebration - Montgomery, MN


December 2022 Christmas Party

December 2021 Christmas Party

 Sunday May 19, 2019
Czech Pork, Dumpling and Kraut dinner
Was a success!

Volunteer servers are ready for the diners to arrive

 March 12, 2019 - Dumpling Make and Take Demo - New Prague Library

We had 24 people making dumplings - Thank you to Hannah!


This was such a hit we will be doing it again soon!


May 14, 2019 - Kolacky Demo-
Marion Skluzacek and her three grand-daughters
Marion has won the Kolacky Baking Contest in previous years and now her grand-daughters
have done the same.
Marion is the mother of 13, grandmother of 42, and great-grandmother of 35 so
she has much experience in baking for family and friends,
If you have wanted to know what goes into making these Czech Buns
This is the date to come and see for yourselves how it's done by
First Place Kolacky Baking Winners

Thank you Marion - they tasted great!


Anne (Smisek) Jans will present her Kroje collection from different regions of the Czech Republic.

Anne is quite involved with her Czech heritage as well. She currently serves on the board of directors for the Miss Czech Slovak Mn Pageant. She is a member of Sokol Mn and enjoys traveling around Mn to various Czech and Slovak festivals. She was Miss Czech Slovak Mn Queen in 1999 and since that time has had a passion for learning about the kroje or ethnic dress of the culture and the wide variety of kroje in each region of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. The intricate details of each kroj are fascinating. Anne will be sharing some of her collection of kroje from a variety of regions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and sharing some of the details that go into the creation of these unique ethnic dresses. She will also share the traditional methods in which these kroje were made. Anne and her mother Susie Smisek have made numerous award winning kroje in the past 20 years. Recently they made a Blata, South Bohemian kroj complete with carp fish scales that Anne's niece wore in the 2019 Miss Czech Slovak Mn Pageant. She will have the costume with to showcase. Anne's daughter Alenka and sons Clayton and Wyatt also enjoy wearing kroje. Alenka currently serves as Miss Czech Slovak Mn Junior Ambassador.

Anne Jans is also known as "The Hat Lady" and has been collecting antique women's hats, hat boxes and hat pins for 26 years and speaking about the history of women's hats and sharing her collection throughout Minnesota and surrounding states for 25 years. In that time she has acquired quite a collection of hats ( approximately 1,900 hats, 375 hat boxes and 500 hatpins) dating from the 1840's through the 1960's.. Although she dosen't collect dresses ahe has approximately 125 from the late 1800's through the 1960's as well. She thoroughly enjoys her collection and sharing it with others. Anne has always said "what is the oint of having a collection if you can't share it with others". She takes pride in the collection she has accumulated over the years and loves to share the many stories and knowledge she has learned about women's historic costumes with others.

Anne is also a full time Family and Consumer Science Teacher (Home Economics) in Jordan, Mn teaching grades 7-12. Anne has been able to bring in her collections and share them with her sewing and fashions classes. In her spare time she spends quite a bit of time learning and sharing her knowledge of the Czech culture and heritage. Anne also loves spending time with her family which keeps her very busy. Her and her husband Andy have three children- Clayton 13, Alenka 11, & Wyatt 10. The highlight of her life is being a wife and mother.

See you on June 11th A learning experience, a part of your Czech Heritage.

July 9, 2019 - Doris Coghill - Czech Travelogue - New Prague City Hall

 Doris has been to the Czech Republic more than a dozen times since the late 1990’s. On every trip she has taken hundreds of pictures of Prague, the many castles that dot the countryside and the small towns, festivals, museums and factories that she has visited.
Whether she is scouting out new and exciting places to take the people that will be with her on her next tour or just enjoying the majestic buildings in Prague and the mountains in the northern part of the country the views are interesting and exciting. If you have been to Czech, come and see how many you recognize.

If you have never been to Czech, come and see what you are missing. Doris will also have a small display of some of the Czech made items she has purchased on her many trips.

Prague at night from the Charles Bridge       Items made in the Czech Republic

October 8, 2019 - Lonsdale Library - Fred Simon -
Searching for relatives in southern Bohemia

 Highlights from our 2018 meetings

Speaker - Heather Vikla
Miss Czech Slovak Minnesota and
Miss Czech Slovak US second runnerup at the national competition in Wilbur, Nebraska
Monthly meeting at the New Prague City Hall

December Christmas Party at Pizza Ranch

Monthly meeting at the Montgomery Library

 Our Mission

* Preserve Czech culture in our communities
* Educate the public about our culture
* Adopt customs not currently in use in our area
* Support other communities in their efforts of preservation and education.
* Instill pride in our heritage


We are always looking for members and volunteers to help with our various events

Contact us by email - info @ czechheritageclub.com
be sure to take out the spaces both before and after the @ before you send the email