A Kaleidoscope of Czech Heritage

A display representing our Czech heritage, history, and culture.


JULY 8 - SEPT 4, 2021

206 - 1st Street N, Montgomery, MN 56069

We will also had special programs:
Saturdays during the exhibit

July 10 - Triad of Czech Boys Concertina Music
Colton Tupy, Gary Pikal & Mike Budin on bass horn

July 17 - Traveling in the Czech Republic with Fred Simon

July 24 - Kolacky Days - 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. No program.

July 31 - Triad II of Czech Boys Concertina Music
Colton Tupy, Gary Pikal & Roger Pikal on bass horn

August 7 - Genealogy with George Mikiska

August 14 - Coffee and Koblihy

August 21 - Genealogy with George Mikiska

August 28 - Czech Beads, Glass, and Jewelry
Learn how they are made by Doris Coghill

September 4 - Czech Concertina Club performance
Jerry Minar, Joe Novotny, Bill Hlavac, Gary Pikal & others
History of the Concertina with Jerry Minar

 If you've ever peeked into a kaleidoscope, you discovered a multi-faceted, colorful, beautiful and fascinating vision. That's why the kaleidoscope became the perfect metaphor for The Czech Heritage Club's display of A Kaleidoscope of Czech Heritage.

Those who come to view the exhibit will discover a multi-faceted vision of Czech life as riveting as any other culture. Many of the things you expect to see will be there including costumes, glassware, arts and crafts and foods. But most exciting perhaps are the things you may not expect to see. These include such things as mushroom hunting, folk tales, even an astounding list of fun facts.

Certainly there will be exhibits that look back in history, but there are others as current as today. Viewers will meet the ancient Celts who first settled the Czech lands and many more current folks who have defined what it means to be Czech. Some exhibits will transport us as far away as the Czech Republic through traditions and folklore. Still others will be as local communities of Veseli, Lonsdale, Montgomery and New Prague.

A series of posters will illustrate and explain the many facets of Czech culture. And there will be a treasure trove of artifacts that will provide visual and tangible examples of Czech life. This will include one display whose artifacts will offer a nostalgic look at vintage Kolacky Days in the 1930's and 1940's.

In addition to physical exhibits, on select dates there may be performances, demonstrations, sessions with genealogists and other "living" expressions of Czech heritage. The exhibit is sponsored by The Czech Heritage Club whose mission is to preserve the past for the future.

Make your plans to view A Kaleidoscope of Czech Heritage. You will discover a colorful, multi-faceted, jewel-like image of Czech culture, traditions and people open to public free of charge.
Perhaps you will discover who you really are.


 Here is a preview of what you will see at the exhibit